An Appreciation of Masterpiece Knives by Renowned Artisans

The Pearl Dream: A Luxurious Masterpiece by Steve Hull

The Pearl Dream folding knife is a signature masterpiece handcrafted by preeminent American knifemaker Steve Hull. With its hallmark Coke bottle silhouette and luminous mother-of-pearl handle, the Pearl Dream is instantly recognizable as a Hull design.
The knife features an ATS34 stainless steel blade and 416 stainless steel handle adorned with intricate 24K gold leaf carvings by renowned metal artist Barry Lee Hands. Each delicate gold leaf is carved under a microscope, following Hands’ “newborn leaf” design. The leaves on the mother-of-pearl handle are gold inlays, while those on the metal ends of the handle are gold relief carvings—all connected into a cohesive whole by a sculpted gold branch. The glassy surface of the mother-of-pearl handle enhances the poetic, ethereal effect of the gold foliage.
As if this were not opulence enough, 631 VVS-clarity diamonds are set into the handle, fully surrounding it in a sparkling pave. The diamonds and gold adornments transform this knife into a priceless objet d’art and one of Hull’s most luxurious creations.

The Autumn Leaves Story: Ron Lake’s Signature Masterpiece

The Autumn Leaves Story folding knife is a handcrafted masterpiece by legendary knifemaker Ron Lake, inventor of the framelock knife. This large folding knife exemplifies Lake’s mastery, from the CPM154 blade to the 416 stainless steel handle with Lake’s tail lock and removable rose gold toothpick.
The matte gray blade is adorned using Barry Lee Hands’ “burn engraving” technique, in which delicate 24K gold branches are formed without engraving to dramatic 3D effect. The branches seem to float ethereally on the blade’s surface, as if sketched there. The handle also features gold branches and leaves, as well as green gold foliage and an inlaid mother-of-pearl panel. The rose gold toothpick is embellished with diamonds for a spectacular finishing touch.
This knife combines Ron Lake’s innovative design and craftsmanship with Barry Lee Hands’ metal carving virtuosity. A true heirloom masterpiece, the Autumn Leaves Story deserves pride of place in any serious knife collection.

The Royal Garden: A Fruits of Transatlantic Collaboration

The Royal Garden dagger was created by American knifemakers Barry Lee Hands and Steve Johnson for the prestigious 2014 Stresa Steel Art Exhibition. This simple yet elegant dagger pays tribute to the mathematical genius of Pythagoras, adhering to the golden ratio for perfect proportions and symmetry.
The dagger features a blade of CPM154 powder steel and an hilt of mother-of-pearl and 416 stainless steel. Barry Lee Hands’ signature 24K gold and green gold branches and leaves adorn the hilt, with delicate gold inlays tracing the edge of the mother-of-pearl panel. The blade and hilt are engraved in a starry night scene, with 62 diamonds simulating stars in the firmament and the gold foliage appearing suspended in the night sky.
This harmonious blending of form and ornamentation represents a transatlantic collaborative triumph. Hands’ and Johnson’s shared devotion to the golden ratio and meticulous design has produced a knife of timeless beauty, sure to be an enduring modern classic.
These three knives, each a unique masterpiece and labor of love, demonstrate why Steve Hull, Ron Lake, Barry Lee Hands and Steve Johnson are renowned among discerning knife collectors and connoisseurs worldwide. Their passion for design, mastery of materials and techniques, and constant pursuit of perfection have created knives that transcend the utilitarian and become enduring works of art. These masterpiece knives deserve deep appreciation as well as a place of reverence in any premier collection.

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