Zeus——This work is the winner of the “Best Collaborative Knife Award” at the International Custom Knife Exhibition (ICCE) in September 2018. It was created by Mick and American Blacksmiths Association (ABS) “Master (MS)” Samuel Lu Quinn made it together.

This piece is a one-piece steel Bowie model, Damascus steel forged by Samuel.

The pattern of Damascus steel is coherent and timeless, as strong and dynamic as “nine bends and eighteen bends”.

The thickest part of the whole piece is 22 mm. From the large arc transition from the blade to the guard, to the concave-convex changes of the handle, every detail shows Mick’s superb grinding skills.

Front and rear areas of the handle. Delicate scroll leaf motif is outlined in gold inlays.

The patch in the middle of the handle is made of fossilized mammoth teeth. This kind of handle material is made by pressing the cross-sections of mammoth teeth of different sizes. The visual effect is like the coming of the holy light, magnificent.

The scabbard is made of the finest Italian cowhide, and the center is inlaid with bright python skin for decoration.

|——Apennine Warrior

Apennine Fighter – This work stood out from the fierce competition at the 2018 International Custom Knife Show (1CCE) and won the “Best Bowie Knife Award”.

The whole work is a one-piece steel structure, which is ground from a whole piece of K100 steel plate with a thickness of 20 mm, and weighs 1022 grams after completion.

The thickness of the blade reaches 9 mm, and the hand-crafted satin-brushed grinding surface is meticulously condensed with a lot of effort by the artist.

The huge D-shaped handguard is majestic, and the concave and convex lines exude the style of classical European style.

The soft shape of the gauntlet is shaped by a lot of manual work, but it can enhance the impact of the gauntlet in actual combat, which can be described as the best of both worlds.

The metal carving on the handle is done by the Italian sculptor Carlo Caviton. The carving is delicate and inlaid with gold for embellishment. The middle part of the handle is inlaid with walrus ivory fossils and fixed with gold rivets.

The heavy scabbard weighs 342 grams. It is made of high-quality Italian cowhide and decorated with python skin inlaid in the middle.

|——Roman Wings

Wings of Rome – The blade is made of forged feather-patterned Damascus steel with very contrasting patterns.

The bloom of the feather pattern is elegant and unrestrained, and the surface is also slightly light gold and colorful, making the blade more gorgeous.

The handle is made of dark brown mammoth fossils and forms a drop-shaped transition with the Damascus steel parts, which is full of artistic flavor.

The end of the blade, the side of the hand guard, the Damascus steel patch on the handle, and the tail iron parts are all equipped with patterns inlaid with gold, revealing romance and enthusiasm.

The scabbard is also a beautiful work of art, made of the finest Italian cowhide inlaid with python skin.

A triangular Damascus steel accessory in the middle of the sheath body is engraved with the artist’s inscription, which has an excellent decorative effect.

About the Author – Mick Di Paco

Mick di Paco hails from Livona, Italy, and since becoming a professional sword artist in 2009, Mick has continued to set new heights.

He is currently a Master of the Italian Sword Artists Association and the German Sword Artists Association, as well as a voting member of the American Blacksmiths Society (ABS).

Not only can he use high-grade steel for grinding and making knives, but he can also forge Damascus steel himself. Whether it is a classic style or a creative pattern design, Mick can easily come up with it.

Whether it is a large-sized high-difficulty straight knife or a small-sized compact folding knife, he can handle it with ease.

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