Appreciation of works by famous craftsmen | Harvey Dean – Mississippi Bowie/D Gauntlet Bowie/Classical Feather Bowie

| — Mississippi Boye

Mississippi Boye – The blade is made of Harvey forged Mississippi Damascus steel, with fine patterns like the satellite cloud image of the Mississippi River.

A brightly colored pattern in the middle of the blade symbolizes the main road, and countless branches extend outward from the mainstream, or converge toward the mainstream, which is a vivid image. The neck, D-shaped handguard, tail iron and other parts are all made of Harvey forged low-layer Damascus steel, which strengthens the contrast with the fine grain of the blade.

Walrus ivory fossil knife handle, oily and smooth, polished delicately. The D-shaped handguard has always been the high-end style of American straight knives. Harvey’s D-shaped handguard has a very tall and straight outline, showing a full sense of strength.

Many areas of the handle are decorated with exquisite carved patterns drawn in gold inlays, noble and elegant, implying the prosperity of the Mississippi River.

Because Damascus steel has high hardness, carving and inlaying requires superb technology and a lot of time. The scabbard is made of cowhide inlaid with lizard skin.

|——D Gauntlet Boi

D Gauntlet Boi – The blade is made of Damascus steel with ladder pattern forged by Harvey. The texture is fine and uniform, which is pleasing to the eye. The neck, D-shaped hand guard, and tail cap are all made of stainless steel, with a hand-brushed satin finish on the surface.

The walrus ivory fossil knife handle is oily in color and full in grip. The natural texture on the walrus ivory fossils is like a freehand landscape painting, with mountains and waters, clouds, and trees, which makes people have endless aftertaste.

The D-shaped handguard has always been a high-end style of American fixed knives. Compared with the Mississippi Boy, this D-shaped handguard is polished flatter, giving more room for metal carving decoration.

The exquisite scroll leaf pattern was created by American sculptor Joe Mason, using gold, rose gold, and green gold inlays to outline the flexible leaves, surrounding the central group.

The scabbard is made of embossed cowhide inlaid with elephant hide.

|——Classical Feather Bowie

Classic Feather Bowie – The blade is made of Harvey forged feather pattern Damascus steel. It is chic and smart. The thickness contrast and color contrast of the pattern are well controlled, and the texture is particularly strong.

The gauntlets are milled from W-shaped Damascus steel forged by Harvey, and the surface is engraved with a delicate scroll leaf pattern in gold. Against the freehand pattern of Damascus steel, the curly leaves are as vivid and beautiful as floating on the water.

The handle is made of selected walrus ivory fossils, and 8 gold rivets are arranged on each side for fixing, and the scabbard, which also serves as a decorative embellishment, is also designed and manufactured by Harvey himself. The style and color match the Bowie knife itself It looks very harmonious and unified.

About the Author – Harvey Dean (President, American Blacksmiths Association)

I have been handcrafting swords since 1981 and hand forging since 1986. As one of the earliest members of the American Society of Blacksmiths (ABS), I received the association’s “Master (MS)” rating in 1992 and became the 42nd “Master” of the association.

In the summer of 2004, I was selected to serve on the Board of Directors of the American Blacksmiths Association.

I have been honored to serve as the President of the American Blacksmiths Association since 2015 and was inducted into the American Sword Artists Hall of Fame in August 2016.

In 2007, I became a member of the highest level World Art Knife Invitational (AKI), and I am proud to be one of these 25 top sword artists.

I have been hand-forging carbon and Damascus steels myself for sword making.

Over the past few years, in addition to swords, I’ve started forging razors.

Most of my work is done by myself, including sculpture.

The shape of my pieces is traditional and elegant, I also love gold inlaid Damascus steel, my specialty is large Bowie knives including D-guards.

In fact, people have affectionately called me “D-Gauntlet Dean” for years. My goal is to provide collectors with pieces that they can enjoy and treasure for years to come.

In addition to making itself, I am happy to share knowledge of knife making.

I am an instructor at Texarkana College in Arkansas, the “Bill Moran School of Swords” founded by the American Society of Blacksmiths (ABS).

I have also been attending knife making workshops and blacksmithing events in many US states over the years, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Michigan, Montana, New York, Virginia and Texas Wait.

I hold two knife-making workshops a year in New Braunfels, Texas with my best friend, master swordsman John Nestort. My work has been featured in numerous publications and magazines around the world and has won several awards on major US TV shows.

Aside from my career, I am someone who enjoys country life and family life.

I love my family, I am very close to my wife Deborah, my son Dex and his wife Kendra, my son Dylan and of course my grandson.

I thank them for their unselfish support, allowing me to enjoy my family life while doing the things I love.

Harvey Dean has received international acclaim for his creative and artistic portfolio, and has had a lifetime of accomplishments, some of which include.

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