How to Customize a Suitable EDC Multi-Tool

There are so many things that you can do with your EDC multi-tool to transform it into the perfect tool that meets your needs. Many EDC multi-tool manufacturers deal with customizations where they make specific tools that are based on the specifications of the client. This is never an easy job as they have to come up with concepts from scratch and create something they’ve probably never made before.

To better understand the workings of this process, we are going to explore how you can customize a suitable EDC multi-tool to make it into a reliable tool. We will also look at the most important needs that an EDC tool must meet to qualify it as a multi-tool, the materials that are used to make them, and what manufacturers and retailers can do to attract customers and other knife enthusiasts into buying these customized EDC multifunctional tools.

If you are a manufacturer, retailer or a huge fan of EDC multi-tools and you would like to expand your expertise on this subject, then you are in the right place.

What Are Some of the Needs That an EDC Multi-Tool Should Meet?

What qualifies a tool into a multifunctional everyday carry? What are the attributes that separate the ordinary folding knife or fixed blade knife from an EDC multi-tool? The following are pointers that should help you get a good idea of what an EDC multi-tool should be like.

It Should be Versatile

This is the most important aspect of multifunctional tools that sets them apart from regular knives. The only reason why people opt for these over other options is the fact that they are getting everything they need in one purchase. You are not just getting a reliable knife but also a pair of scissors, screwdrivers, nail files, bottle openers, and a host of other functional tools. This is a very handy option for people who love having different things at hand but don’t want to move around lugging things around.


As much as you want to have all the tools you need in one place, the last thing you want is to have to strain yourself while carrying it because it weighs a ton. Another quality that qualifies a tool as a multifunctional one is the ability to carry it around with ease. Getting a multi-tool to be lightweight enough doesn’t have to come at the compromise of the tools within it; manufacturers have to find a balance between making the materials weigh less and ensuring they are strong enough to withstand any complicated task that requires a lot of force. An ideal multitool should be able to fit in your pocket without you even noticing that it is there.


When you put different tools into one contraption, then best believe that people will use it exactly how they imagine it to be. Meaning, they will push it to the limit and the last thing you want to deal with is selling a multi-tool that cannot handle a simple task without breaking apart to your customer. Multifunctional tools are supposed to last a lifetime and each functional tool that is found inside one should be able to handle their role without breaking or even blunting, in the case of multi-tool blades. A good multi-tool should stay for as long as it can, serving the needs of the owner to their satisfaction.

Ease of Use

When you combine several tools into one, chances of things getting jumbled up is high. Therefore, to make this work, you need to ensure that each tool has its own space that allows it not be opened and closed without affecting the others. It should be easy to use straight from the box rather than turn into a rocket science project for someone who has never used or seen a multifunctional tool. Anything that forces someone to exert a lot of pressure stops being a multi-functional tool and becomes something inconvenient that cannot help anyone during emergencies.


As a consumer, you should be able to make modifications to your multi-tool to suit your immediate needs. For example, when you are using a screwdriver, you should be able to change the bits when dealing with different sizes of screws.

That’s what makes these reliable multi-tools very convenient. Without these little customizations, there wouldn’t be any need for carrying a multi-tool; instead, people would be walking around with a full screwdriver set. Therefore, as a manufacturer of multi-tools, you should be able to create options for people to add or remove some tools depending on the needs and tasks at hand.

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