Shieldon Top 10 Best EDC Folding Pocket Knife

An EDC folding knife is one of the most versatile and flexible knives you will ever come across. They are not only small and lightweight, but strong and are not much of a hassle at all. You can simply fold it up and keep it well hidden away inside your pocket, and no one will be any wiser or privy to what you are packing.

Of the many brands that exist in the market, we are going to pay special focus on EDC knives made by Shieldon. We will explore their best designs, look at their features, their advantages, and reasons why you should consider going for an EDC folding pocket knife from Shieldon over the other brands.

Shieldon Bazoucan D2 Blade Knife

This is a strong and solid knife that has been designed for men who love going out camping or hunting, but they need a simple and lightweight knife that they can use in case of an emergency. The foldable knife has some very amazing features, especially the G10 handle that has one of the best grips in the market. The G10 is a non-slip material that ensures you and never accidentally moves over the blade even when you happen to be covered in water or some slippery substance.

The opening and closing mechanisms are pretty good and fast, all thanks to the flipper and thumb hole, which can be opened by either hand. The liner lock is also highly reliable when it comes to keeping the blade in place. Once you open the blade, the locker slides into position to stop it from closing unexpectedly when you apply pressure while cutting. Some of the features you need to know about include the following.

  • High-performance steel blade
  • 3mm thick blade for sturdiness
  • Great and grippy handle
  • A reliable safety liner lock
  • Ceramic ball bearing for pivoting

Shieldon Bulbasaur Sandvik Pocket Knife

This Django-designed knife would be a perfect gift for anyone looking for a keepsake knife that can be used outdoors and indoors. Whether you are cutting up an apple in your kitchen or setting up a tent in the wild. This EDC knife will have you covered.

It has a very beautiful emerald green handle that ensures to turn heads everywhere you go. On top of the great looks, the G10 handle has a very firm grip. It is textured and comfortable in the hand, well-weighted to ensure there’s a balance between the blade and the handle, giving the user a good pivot for swinging the knife into action. The following are the features worth mentioning.

  • Durable and strong blade
  • Safe and quick opening mechanism
  • Non-slip handle
  • Safety liner lock

Shieldon Relicanth EDC Knife

The blade is made out of durable and polished steel material, and it is razor-sharp and very stable. You could use it for the challenging types of work that most of the other types of knives in the same category may struggle with.

Just like most of the other Shieldon knives, it comes with a G-10 handle that gives the user a good grip that feels comfortable in the hand. It even comes with a steel clip that is attached to the handle for easy clipping on any part of your clothes if you don’t want to hide it in a pocket.

It has all the traits of a tactical knife and would be a good addition for anyone looking for a hunting knife that is able to handle all the hard tasks. Some of the notable features include the following.

  • High-performance steel that is tough and reliable
  • An advanced handle with a firm grip
  • Ceramic ball bearing for pivoting
  • A reliable safety liner lock

Shieldon Carbon Fiber Compact EDC Knife

This is a stylish EDC knife that comes with a beautiful carbon handle with a very clean steel reinforcement that gives the knife a very classy and tactical look, which it is, by the way. The blade is made using stainless steel, which will last you ages if you take good care of it with proper maintenance. You can use it for all kinds of roles, from making wood splinters, carving, cutting ropes for comping, among many others.

The carbon fiber handle will give you a very good grip, all thanks to the amazing patterns that endure when your hands don’t slip no matter what. It is a multipurpose blade that will be a good addition to your arsenal if you are the type that loves adventure and require a knife that can take care of everything. Some of the features include the following:

  • A thick and strong blade
  • Reliable steel construction
  • Carbon fiber handle with good grip
  • A pocket clip for anchorage
  • Ceramic ball bearing for movements

Sheldon Damascus Steel EDC Folding Knife

Damascus steel is one of the most durable steel types out there and this is what has been used to make this amazing knife from Shieldon. It has a beautiful balde finish with amazing patterns all over, with the strength to handle all kinds of hard tasks without any issue, all thanks to the heat treatment received during the forging.

The ergonomic handle is made out of a combination of G-10 material and carbon fiber that offers the user a great grip for extra comfort and perfect balance. Add the amazing patterns that are added to the handle, and you have a very complete knife that will help you handle most of your day-to-day work without problems. Some notable features worth knowing include the following.

  • Great design
  • Comfortable handle with good grip
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Reliable Damascus steel blade
  • Convenient pocket clip

Shieldon 9Cr18MoV Pocket Knife

As far as the design goes, this is the simplest EDC knife from Shieldon, but don’t let the looks fool you into thinking that it is inferior. It has a very strong blade made out of Damascus steel that is solid enough to handle all the tough tasks like cutting ropes, digging small holes for setting up tents, and even slicing into tough animal hides when hunting. The blade on this has a very interesting pattern that gives it a unique look that combines well with the G-10 handle that is infused with carbon fiber.

Speaking of the handle, it has small grooves and patterns that provide texture for a solid grip that ensures your hand doesn’t slip at any time when you are hard at work. The whole knife has been designed by Django, and it is the type that will last you for many years if you take good care of it. Some of the notable features you need to pay attention to include the following.

  • Damascus blade
  • G-10 and carbon fiber handle
  • A pocket clip
  • Reliable safety liner lock
  • Drop point blade shape

Shieldon Dinoclier Empoleon Folding Knife

This is a unique EDC knife that has a titanium-coated blade for extra strength and durability. You will have to really be reckless for this blade to even register a single dent; that’s how hard and reliable it is. On top of the high-grade blade, the knife is equipped with a carbon fiber handle that is etched with grooves and patterns for a firm grip that doesn’t slip even when you have water or slippery material on your hands.

The opening mechanism is smooth and hassle-free, all you have to do is to flick the lock, and the blade comes shooting out to an upright position, ready for action. Designed by Django, the knife can be for both indoor and outdoor needs, and if you take good care of it, it may last you years before you start thinking of a replacement. Some of the features you should be on the lookout for include the following:

  • A reliable safety lock
  • A thick blade that can withstand straining
  • It has a pocket flip for easy carrying
  • A ceramic ball bearing for easy pivoting

Shieldon Relicanth D2 Pocket Knife

This is a very good-looking tactical knife from Shieldon that has a short blade ideal for stabbing and slicing at close quarters. It has a beige handle made of G-10 Material and reinforced with carbon fiber to give the user a very firm hold on the knife when in tough situations, for instance.

The knife is designed by Django, and the ingenuity of the construction is so good, all you would need is some good maintenance to ensure the knife lasts you for many years to come before you start entertaining the idea of replacements or repairs. It has a tip-up pocket clip that can be attached to any part of your clothes if you don’t have any space in your pockets. It also has a ceramic ball bearing which helps with the easy movements of the blade when it comes to opening and closing. This reduces friction and reduces lag when opening and closing it.

Some of the following features should help paint a better picture of what the knife entails.

  • Thick and strong blade
  • Grippy and textured handle
  • A reliable liner lock
  • Titanium blade reinforcement

OEM Shieldon 3Cr13 Pocket Knife

If you are looking for a stylish and rugged-looking EDC folding knife, then this is the best bet you can go for. It is a tactical knife with a very metallic finish. It has a silver look that is very shiny, and if you think this may cause you issues when it comes to grip, then you will be in the wrong. The handle has grooves all over that provide the hand with places for exerting a good grip.

The blade itself is very thick and strong enough to handle all kinds of jobs, even those that involve cutting tough materials or even digging holes that will accommodate tent poles and such. It comes with a good liner lock that allows for the opening and closing of the blade every time you need it, saving you time and making you ready for anything in case you are caught up in an ambush. Some notable features worth mentioning include the following.

  • A solid blade design
  • Great metallic handle
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to open and close
  • A shiny silver sanding finish

Shieldon Wood Handle EDC Pocket Knife

Finding an EDC knife with a wooden handle is very rare these days. Most upcoming knife makers tend to go with the most popular materials, and since wood requires more expertise, it is much harder to make. However, this is the realm of knives that Shieldon is never afraid to step into.

This knife is designed for a myriad of purposes, but from the design itself, it looks more of a tactical knife than any other type. The blade is short and stubby, the type that would come in handy in self-defense as it can slice and stab really well. It can also be used for other tasks like cutting small items, especially when you are out hunting or camping. It even comes with a pocket clip that you can attach to any part of your clothes if you don’t feel like putting it into your pocket.

Some of the best features of this knife include the following:

  • Amazing design
  • Wooden handle
  • Solid and strong construction
  • Reliable blade
  • Small and compact
  • Lightweight


There are countless other EDC knives from Shieldon that are just as capable as the ten that we have described on this list. You can always check the website to get more information on the types that exist, their price tag, their main features, and how you can best take care of them. For more information or if you have questions, then feel free to call, or mail and all your concerns will be addressed by a qualified expert.

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