Review: Spartan Hassi Dagger

The Spartan Harsey Dagger is a collaboration between Spartan Blades and longtime designer William “Bill” Harsey Jr. It embodies the heritage of this iconic fighting knife along with design refinements and modern knife manufacturing excellence. |——The long history of the dagger Daggers have an air of mystery, and we often see their symbolism in military […]

The Three Musketeers in the Knife World – The Three CAS Brothers

CAS Knife consists of Argentinian brothers Claudio Alejandro Sobral, Ariel Ricardo Sobral and Marcelo Sobral. Since childhood, Claudio has been fascinated with weapons. At the age of 16, he left high school and started working in a gun factory, learning the techniques of making: blacksmithing, machining, milling, polishing, blushing and the skills needed for branding. […]

Matsuda Kikuo——Grinding technology is unique in the world

Friends who love metal art are probably familiar with the name of Matsuda Kikuo. He has been to the Beijing Knife Exhibition, and we have met him. Due to language problems, we did not interview him. Many Chinese people love his designs and have a series of collections of his works. So what are the […]