Taking stock of THE9 members’ performances since their debut, saying what no one dares to say

Title:Taking stock of THE9 members’ performances since their debut, saying what no one dares to say

Four months have passed since THE9 formed a group to the time of this writing.

THE9’s little brothers and sisters have been pretty busy, and there’s no such thing as a foot gouging situation.

Peach Factory’s homemade variety show is online, and the star-studded variety show has also brushed their faces. The big groups or splits were also on several shows.

Commercial live also got on a few, and the business run was pretty good.

This article is not THE9’s anon article, and, there have been many articles with various glorification filters.

There’s one to say one, some praise and some criticism, the captain of this article based on four months of watching THE9 related programs, variety, live down summed up some thoughts to share with you. Nine members, nine all talk about, but note that the captain is not according to the order of their debut inventory.

After all, this is an article from the media, the captain on their own on the members of the degree of concern to take stock.

Xu Jiaqi [1995 | Siba Media | SNH48 Team SII]

Every frame is beautiful and inexplicably happy.

In the MC section of the show, Xu Jiaqi has a reputation of being a “boastful ghost” and “Xu Jiaqi boastful, run away”. However, in the group variety ‘Not Everyday Party’, there is no golden line that pops out, but instead, it’s the physical game part that is good.

They should have more room to show off their talent!

The reason for this is because the theater public performance can give KIK plenty of time to lay out their jokes and baggage, and the theater public performance of KIKI state is relatively loose. At the same time, the baggage and the deep friendship between the river sisters also have a great deal to do with it, and if you can’t make jokes about your teammates, the amusement of the baggage will be cut down considerably. For example, if Guo Degang can’t always use Yu Qian and his family to shake the baggage, it’s probably not funny.

Compared to the group variety, Xu Jiaqi plays very decent on the commercial broadcast. After all, the live broadcast is always a conversation, giving Kiki a lot of time and space to organize her language. In general, the captain thinks that KIKI’s debut in THE9 is not yet in a good condition. Maybe it will take a year or more to break in. On the other hand, the captain is looking forward to seeing what happens after KIKI graduates from THE9 and becomes a Seba contracted artist (after all, the captain is still a 7senses fan).

Yu Yan [1997 | Kah Kai Media]

Metaphorically speaking, it’s the word “handsome”.

Anyway, the captain feels that this year’s metaphor is definitely not the same metaphor that joined Go Sailor Moon in 2016. It feels like more than 3 years have passed and the metaphor has become more collected in front of the camera. I don’t know if it’s because of the fear of doing more wrong and saying more wrong. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t want to make too many mistakes or talk too much, but I can tell from the “Young You 2” material that you’re a fun person to talk to. However, the captain feels that YuYin has very little to say and act out, whether it’s in Young You 2 or in the group. He is also a cool person in front of the camera, is this a concave look? Or is there something else going on?

Metaphors were supposed to be silly and ADHD and chatter, now it’s just silly

So what has the metaphor been through these past few years? Having shot a couple of webcams, the Special Forces impression has kind of lived on. Perhaps some traces of the previous lesser unknowns had been recorded by the network, though the captain didn’t think those were much of a problem. But the metaphor was still warned by the company because of this, so they began to be careful with their words.

Kong Xue’er [1996 | Taeyang Chuanhe Culture Media | Honey Bee Girls]

Xue Xue is the standard girl band template

Kong Xue’er from the “bee girl team” over, has not been exactly invisible, everyone can see her from all around the news. The most tidbits of news about Kong Xueer’s past is the love affairs. The captain will find it strange that Kong Xueer is not a 48 series idol, their KPIs and fans are not directly linked. The first thing you need to know is that you can’t be the only one who’s going to be able to do it.

The9’s ice cream kicks are very appealing.

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a newborn child’s newborn baby boy. So far the captain feels that Kong Xueer’s performance has been good, reaching its true level. In the future, it’s better to do more variety shows that showcase the strength of singing and dancing, and don’t waste Xue Xue’s dancing skills. In addition, Taiyang Chuanhe is not to allocate a wave of film and television resources to smash Xue Xue, there is a beautiful configuration of this body, not in the drama show face is really a waste.

Liu Yu Xin [1997 | AMG Asian Music Group | Honey Bee Girls]

From poper to singer-songwriter

Let’s just say that so far there hasn’t been too many opportunities for Liu Yu Xin to showcase her creative talents. But isn’t there a “I am a singer-songwriter” program at Peach Factory. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to let old head Liu try next term. The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on some of the most important things you need to do. The captain’s memory of Liu Yuxin’s popping is good, however only popping to get out. In fact, there is this strength to control the dance, LiuYuXin even to a little urban choreography, the perception of the show than now at every turn is a lot better than popping, to be honest, the basic movements of the popping see more really no point and aesthetics.

The end of the water art concentration

From a variety of variety ah live, Liu Yu Xin is really too end. It’s not possible to let go? Is it a persona? Liu Yuxin’s viewpoints on the show are 100 percent generated by her teammates’ cues. Because she herself is too endowed, it’s hard to generate variety points by its spontaneity. This may be the result of her craftsman’s heart. Everyone cannot be required to be a generalist. Do to specialize can provide more extreme and superior performance for everyone. Then the captain hopes that Liu Yuxin is really the master craftsman that he is and will produce the ultimate convincing work in the future.

Xie Ke-Yin [1997 – Cana World]

Does every rapper have a rich inner drama?

The captain instead feels that Xie Ke Yin should have all of them, the show has been shown very well. First of all, the singing, dancing, rapping, writing and acting seem to be able to get good at it, based on the “Green You 2” and its surrounding materials, the streaking performance in “Youth Plus Play”, the captain felt very fine. Also, the captain thought that the semi-truck accident in “Extreme Challenge”, Shee Ke In and the first time to work together with the extremely picky brothers is particularly natural, and the interaction is also very good.

The friendship between Little Brain Rot and Little Bok Mud is very high sugar!

He has a wide range of personality and is not burdened with any idol baggage, so he has an amazing performance in the variety show. The captain believes that no matter in singing and dancing idols or variety shows, Xie Ke Yin will be able to play a good role in the future. Lastly, I hope that Kanasin’s company will take good care of this precious artist… There are not many good artists at Cana World so far.

Zhao Xiaotang [1997 – Taiyo Chuanhe]

Tong looks like the leader of the troupe.

Zhao Xiaotang seems to be very good in her performance so far, her personality is similar to Xie Ke Yin, she is generous, easy to get along with the people she works with, she is beautiful in herself, but she is not afraid of self-tanning. You could say it’s okay to play how you want in variety. Of course, the company’s background is very just, the resources are thick, and Aiki loves it.

The face of the episode, but also the face of the big woman, who can withstand this

The captain thinks that girl groups and singing and dancing artists are definitely not the final destination for Zhao Xiaotang, which is an important channel on her way to fame. After all, in today’s environment, the degree of making a girl group and a limited group’s face is higher than trying to make a drama that you don’t know if it will be a hit or not. So if you want to pick something to say, the captain has always felt that Zhao Xiaotang has a face that is even more positive than Yu Shuxin’s. No matter how delicate and primped the makeup is, her face still makes her very much out of the identity of the girl group members. It is hoped that after more than a year, Zhao Xiaotang will have brushed off enough of the fame and will be able to contribute to the public as an actress.

Yu Shuxin [1995 | Huazhi Film]

You’re beautiful when you’re nothing, but when you’re high, you want to blow up the screen.

Likewise, the captain felt that the girl group of Yu Shuxin, and Zhao Xiaotang’s situation is similar. Using the most clever and efficient means of gathering popularity to save exposure first whole, the whole night two years later and then transform what. The captain thinks that the biggest contribution of Yu Shuxin’s participation in the girl group thing is to provide a very unique type of industry. The first time I was in the room was when I was a kid, and the second time was when I was a kid.

Big Fish Begonia is also still very good kicking.

It can also be said that fortunately THE9 Yu Shuxin, the formation of the current configuration is quite good. The actual reason for this is because of the fact that it is a very good idea to have the ability to get the most out of your own personal computer, and also the fact that you will be able to use it for your own personal computer. Properties. Back to the fish, after the girl group’s journey is over, I believe it will also join the ranks of the top tier dramas.

Luke Burn [1995 | TOV Entertainment | FFC-Acrush]

In this group, the more neutral, the more gay, and the bigger the girl, the better.

Aiki may not have figured out the planning and positioning of THE9, whether to do a pure big girl group (Less Time) or a personality group (Fx). It’s a good idea to have a good number of people in your life who are interested in the topic. And THE9 how to see go SATURN big girl style will be better, after all, seven members is a woman to the style of a woman. Imagine, 8 flowers and 1 melon configuration is not so awkward, and minutes are also very dramatic.

The captain thinks that the fire of the girl group inside Lu Ke combustible is definitely very strong, THE9 is a good starting point. In the future, Lu Ke Yuan should accumulate more strength in idol making, don’t narrow the road. After the expiration of the limited group, Lu Ke Yan can have enough works and ability to challenge more music and dance competition programs.

An Qi[1996 | Artisan Star Entertainment]

An Qi is a dazzling presence everywhere, singing and dancing craft is great, even the variety sense is not bad. The only thing that the captain feels is not perfect is that An Qi’s height is a bit incompatible with THE9 which is currently 168 per capita. The only thing that the captain feels is not perfect is that An Qi’s height is a bit incompatible with THE9’s current average height of 168. I’m not complaining about An Qi’s height, but if we add one or two more members with 160 to 165 body heights, it will make the whole height layout evenly distributed, which will make it less uncomfortable (there are also 158 girls in my youth, but there are differences in height, so they can be evenly distributed).

These are some of the captain’s opinions on THE9 so far, and this opinion will probably stay with THE9 until the day it expires. In fact, in the captain’s eyes, the formation process of THE9 is far more exciting than the formation of the group.

Limited tours are not very new in China, but they’re kind of new. We experienced the first year of the 2018 Rocket Limited Group, and witnessed the glory of the limited group after it expired. There is nothing new in the world, and the fire and passion these kids burst out of the competition is what the captain found most exciting.

Limited tours receive many constraints, one of which is the calculating display time, the allocation of resources within an inch of their lives, etc. This is not usually the case with non-limited regiments, such as 734, which is barely even a C, but is still a very good existing girl group.

Finally, I wish THE9’s troupe fans or fans of all ages a happy fan of idol.

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