The Three Musketeers in the Knife World – The Three CAS Brothers

CAS Knife consists of Argentinian brothers Claudio Alejandro Sobral, Ariel Ricardo Sobral and Marcelo Sobral.

Since childhood, Claudio has been fascinated with weapons. At the age of 16, he left high school and started working in a gun factory, learning the techniques of making: blacksmithing, machining, milling, polishing, blushing and the skills needed for branding.

Ariel was just finishing high school when the gun factory closed, and the two brothers decided to partner up to start a small graphic design business. While working in Claudio’s graphics studio, he hasn’t lost sight of his love of guns and knives. Regularly browsing online forums and attending various exhibitions, around 2005 he started experimenting with making knives himself as a hobby.

Soon, Claudio was working as a part-time knifemaker, while Ariel oversaw handle making and business management. As their experience grew and their work became known, they decided to close their graphics business and dedicate themselves full time to knife making.

Originally, Claudio’s knives were identified by his initials “CAS”. With the addition of Ariel, they decided to keep “CAS” since that also meant “Claudio & Ariel Sobral” as well as “Cuchilleria Artesanal Sobral” (“Sobral Custom Knife”).

In 2013, they were joined by their younger brother Marcelo, who helped them make scabbards. In this way, the combination of the three knifesmith brothers, who are now well-known in the knife world, officially debuted.

Claudio, Ariel and Marcelo have found a way to express their creativity, skill, passion and love in knife-making, which for them is happiness and enjoyment.

The works of CAS Brothers give people the first impression of roughness, toughness, and full of male hormones. Behind this tough and wild is ingenious design and delicate processing. Take CAS’s knives as an example, the beautiful blade pattern is carefully crafted. In order to enhance the effect of the blade pattern, the original satin pattern is generally retained on the blade surface.

The appearance of CAS works is super online. Whether it is a professional shooting or a casual selfie, people like it. It comes with buffs and flashes dazzling light, which makes people drool when looking at it.

Appreciation of CAS works

Persian warrior

One piece Damascus steel machete! The appearance draws on the characteristics of the traditional machete in West Asia and continues the consistent style of the Cladio brothers through the selection of materials and details.

One piece steel fixed knife made of forged Turkish Nebula Damascus. Keeping the usual blade surface treatment, the surface of Damascus presents a black and bright color, highlighting a more advanced and magical color.

The knife grooves converge toward the tip of the knife along the spine, making the blade sharper and more powerful visually. The middle of the handle is inlaid with antlers, and the ends are closed with arrow-shaped outlines. The tail is engraved with a sun pattern, which outlines a magnificent picture with radiant eyes in relief. The scabbard is made of buffalo leather, with ostrich skin decorations inlaid on both ends and pearl fish skin decoration in the middle part. The sheath bolt is made of Damascus, and the overall black appearance matches the blade.

CAS folder steel hunting knife

Rare, large size one-piece rigid hunting knife. This hunting knife has a rigid structure with a whole keel, and is forged from three pieces of clamped steel. It is simple and smooth, and the dynamic clamped steel blade pattern and burnt blade pattern are worth tasting. The neck of the knife has a natural transition, with grooves on both sides, and the handle is made of ground antlers and fixed with rivets. It has excellent performance and is equipped with a hand-embossed leather sheath for storage. It is definitely an outdoor weapon if it is practical.

Revenant fighter

What kind of work will be used by the swordsmith as an avatar? This is the knife in CAS’ profile picture in the forum, a Bowie full of primitive wildness.

In 2013, it was ranked second in the Bowie category of the largest sword forum in the United States. The blade is made of three pieces of clamping steel, which is a combination of 1095 high carbon steel and 420 stainless-steel, creating a flame-like blade effect. Some traces of the original satin pattern are retained on the blade surface, which makes the rough and tough atmosphere more intense.

The S-shaped hand guard is forged from a whole piece of Angang Steel, and the surface is treated with phosphating, which can effectively prevent metal oxidation and corrosion, and at the same time form an original and vivid texture effect.

The handle made of old antlers has a rough texture like popcorn on the surface, and the grip feels solid and powerful. The scabbard is made of cowhide with a catch made of saddle steel.


A tribute to LOVELESS classics while retaining a strong personal touch.

The blade is made of three pieces of clamped steel Damascus, and the edges of the clamped steel wires are like undulating mountains. The strong contrast between the Damascus sandwich steel layer and the bottom stainless-steel surface, coupled with the changes in the Damascus pattern itself, forms a magnificent scenery like surging winds and clouds. Both sides of the towering ridge are concavely sharpened, giving the blade a strong piercing ability.

The handguard is made of 416 stainless-steel, seamlessly welded, the chamfer is smooth and natural, and has an excellent grip. The handle is made of antlers, fixed with metal rivets and plays a decorative effect.

The body of the blade has a one-piece keel structure and is gradually thinned to effectively reduce weight without reducing the strength of the blade. The scabbard is made of buffalo leather and is beautifully decorated.

CAS clip big steel boi

Forged from three pieces of clamped steel, the shape is sharp, the false blade at the front is tall and straight, the smooth clamped steel blade pattern and burnt edge pattern are worthy of taste, and the rough forging traces are retained at the end of the blade. Stainless steel hand guard, the handle material is Micarta, ground in place to ensure a good feel in all weathers. It has excellent performance and is equipped with a hand-embossed leather sheath for storage. It is definitely an outdoor weapon if it is practical.

Wild Bowie

The blade material is forged from 1095 and 15n20 high-carbon steel, and the pattern presents excellent contrast. Hardness 60HRC. The very fine torsion pattern makes it present a unique glare effect when exposed to a little light, and the blade surface is handled delicately, which is memorable.

The hand guard is made of finely polished and blued steel, with rounded chamfers and fine polishing. The handle is made of special copper carbon fiber material. The addition of fine copper material makes the black carbon fiber show a starry sky effect, shining brightly and beautifully! And the grip is thick and solid.

The leather sheath is also originally designed and carved by CAS. It is made of pearl fish skin, cowhide material with golden engraving and golden polka dot design. It can be called Hermès in the scabbard, a perfect knife with a precious knife.

Dragon’s Fang

The blade is made of hand-forged Damascus with ladder pattern. The texture is fine and regular. Stainless steel double hand guards, the surface is roasted blue, the handle is amber old antlers, the overall grip is very comfortable. It is equipped with cas to custom the original leather sheath, and the middle part is inlaid with a piece of pearl fish skin, and some lines are painted with gold.

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