Why EDC Folding Pocket Knives Are Better than Fixed Blade Knives

Every Day Carry knives are very common, and they are loved by many people because they are easy to carry around, have very easy designs, and you can literally find them in any knife shop you walk in. On the other hand, we have fixed knives, which are more robust and will see you through any situation, especially when out camping and hunting.

So when you compare these two types of knives, EDC folding knives have a big advantage, and that’s what we are going to explore today. We will look at reasons why EDC folding knives are better than fixed knives by exploring their advantages, the features that make them stand out, and why fixed knives simply don’t cut it. If you have been unable to make decisions on what to go for, then read this to the end.

What is an EDC Knife?

This is an everyday carry knife that is foldable and can be concealed easily on your person. They are much smaller compared to fixed knives but carry a lot of power, and this is why they are preferred by people. The fact that you can carry them anywhere you go means that they can be used for any kind of work you need them for, making them versatile additions to have on you.

Some quick roles you can use an EDC include slicing the apple quickly for easy eating, opening packages, trimming shrubs, cutting seat belts, among other quick and emergency things you can pull off.

Most come in very stylish and comfortable designs, fitting into the palm of your hand when closed. This gives you the confidence of knowing you have a very reliable tool in your pocket that you can turn to in any situation without.

What is a Fixed Blade Knife?

Fixed blade knives are non-foldable types of knives that are stronger, bigger, and more suited for complicated and energy-intensive work. They make for good defensive knives as they are bigger in all aspects, making them very deadly weapons in the hands of someone who is trained to use them.

Most military blades are fixed knives, and the same applies to campaign and hunting knives. They come in varying sizes, but a majority of them feature blades that are 3 inches long and a handle that has a protector which stops the hand from slipping over the blade.

They are heavier than folding knives, and this is what gives them an edge when it comes to handling heavy outdoor tasks. However, they are too big for most people, and since they are not foldable, you need to add a sheath, which further adds some weight to the entire knife.

Benefits of EDC Knives

EDC knives may be smaller in size, but they are vastly superior when compared to fixed blades in terms of functionality, design, and safety. The following are the many benefits you get when you choose to go with EDC knives over fixed blade knives.

  1. They are small enough to fit in your pocket without anyone noticing them. This is why they are called concealed weapons in the market. They can come in handy when you need to surprise people who ambush you. However, for this reason, and the fact that hiding them within your person is easy, most EDC knives are considered illegal in most public spaces.
  2. Pocket knives can be used for just about anything. From sophisticated tasks like hunting and skinning an animal to something as simple as peeling an apple. They are the true definition of jack of all trades in the knife world. This great versatility is what gives them a huge advantage over fixed blades whose range is limited.
  3. They come in so many types and varieties that it would be hard to choose the one that fits your needs. This huge option is good as you are able to carry multiple knives at the same time without straining yourself. Compound the fact that they are very lightweight, to begin with.
  4. They are good when it comes to self-defense as you can quickly release them from where you are hiding them and have them ready for use within seconds. Unlike fixed blades that have to be unsheathed, all you have to do with an EDC folding knife is press the release button, and the button comes flying out, locks into place immediately, ready for action.
  5. They are compact and built to last. Most materials used to make EDC knives are of the highest grade and can be for tasks that would break any other type of knife. A good number of knife makers like Shieldon usually pay close attention to the design to ensure that each knife that rolls off the assembly line is able to handle the work.
  6. EDC knives like multitools are very handy and convenient as you get a multitude of options all coalesced into one. You can get a good cutting knife attached to a bottle opener alongside a wine glass opener, among many other things. This is a convenience that a fixed blade knife cannot achieve since there’s only room for one blade that cannot move in any direction.
  7. They are small enough to be used on delicate jobs like administering first aid in an emergency situation. It could be ripping clothes off to gain access to a wound for treatment if the victim in question is far from a hospital. Fixed blades are too big for this kind of operation.
  8. They have a very ergonomic design that fits the palm of the hands perfectly. This ensures that the knife stays in your hands all through, even when your hands get wet in the process. The handles and the balds are designed in such a way that ensures there’s a balance between them, and this makes the knife easy to use.
  9. When it comes to designs and patterns that make knives look unique, EDC knives offer more options than fixed knife blades. The handles double up as the sheath for the blade, and this provides a great space for all kinds of beautiful patterns to be added to make the knife look more unique. This is why EDC knives are among the best-looking knives you will ever come across.
  10. Most of them are affordable and easy to find in the market. You could walk into any knife retail shop, and you will find an impressive variety of EDC knives. Choosing will be the hardest part as they all look good.

Why a Fixed Blade Knife is not an Ideal Option

This is not to imply that fixed blade knives are bad in any way; they have their own strengths. Bit when speaking of general terms and situations, you will be better placed having an EDC knife in your possession than a fixed blade. The following are the reasons why.

  1. Fixed blade knives are very heavy and big. Most are used as tactical and defensive tools, and this means they have to pack more weight and bigger blades for them to be effective. This increases the strain of carrying them around. This is why they are only carried when needed; it is not a knife you walk around with willingly.
  2. They are classified as dangerous weapons in most areas and since concealing them is almost impossible, you will have a very hard time gaining access to some places if you have a fixed blade knife strapped on you. You may even get into trouble with authority if you walk into a public space that bans the carrying of such knives.
  3. They lack the portability that an EDC knife gives you. A fixed knife means you need to sheath the blade as it cannot be moved or pulled back into the handle. This only adds more weight to an already heavy knife, and unless you are willing to lug around with extra weight like this, then you need to find a lightweight version.
  4. Fixed blades are expensive compared to EDC knives. This is understandable considering the time it takes to make them and the amount of material used in their construction. In fact, finding a premium fixed blade knife that is within an affordable range is very hard. This is not ideal, considering they are not that versatile when it comes to uses.
  5. Fixed blades require more maintenance compared to EDC knives. Unlike the form that can be safely tucked when not ensured, fixed blades most times are exposed to the elements if you don’t have a sheath for them. This means you have to clean and oil them more regularly to keep them in tiptop condition.

It is not all gloom and doom for fixed blade knives though like we mentioned earlier, there are some tasks where they come in handy. Some of the redeeming aspects of these knives that are worth mentioning include the following:

  • They are very strong and this is why they are used for harder tasks like splitting wood, among other tough things, especially when out camping or hunting.
  • In the right hands of a trained person, they can be very good tactical weapons of defense especially if the user has gotten used to the weight.
  • They don’t have a lot of moving parts, and this marks it hard for them to break. You simply unsheath the knife and use it right away.
  • They have bigger handles, and this provides a good grip and leverage that makes using them easy and allows the user to apply maximum force for more efficiency.

Features to Consider when Choosing an EDC Knife

Now that we have established that EDC knives are the way, how do you sort through the thousands that exist in the market to find the one that will meet your needs? The following pointers should give you an idea.

  • Handle Design: You need to go for an ergonomic design that will be easy on your hand and give you enough grip to properly handle the knife the right way. The last thing you want is a handle that is too small for your hand as this could lead to your hand slipping over the blade leading to injuries.
  • Handle Material: There are so many things that can be used to make the handle on an EDC knife. However, a good number of them pay attention to aesthetics more than functionality. Go for a handle that makes the knife easy to use. Some of the best ones are made using plastic or carbon fiber.
  • Blade Design: Blade design is another area where you have to pay close attention to when choosing an EDC knife. The shape of the blade is what determines the purpose of the knife. There are some that are designed for self-defense, others for menial tasks, and some for delicate ones. Figure out the purpose first, then go for an EDC knife whose blade design fits that particular role.
  • Blade Size: EDC blades are never that big, to begin with. However, there are some that are slightly bigger than others. It all comes down to your preference and the purpose. Defensive knives tend to have shorter blades, while general-purpose EDC knives have longer blades. Decide what you want to use the knife for, then choose the blade that fits the needs better.


EDC knives and fixed knives are both capable knives that are designed for various roles both indoors and outdoors. Each has specific attributes that make it better at what they are made for. However, if you are looking for something that will serve multiple needs at the same time, then EDC knives will serve you better. For more information on knives and what you can use them for, check out our website, and we will be happy to answer all your questions to the best of our abilities.

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