Why You Need to Have Your Own Edc Folding Knife and Which Type of Folding Knife Is Suitable as an EDC Knife?

Of all knife types, an EDC is the most convenient tool you can have on your person. They are lightweight, small enough to fit in your pocket, and can be used for a number of tasks with as much efficiency as any other bigger knife. But how exactly is it important to have an EDC knife with you, be it indoors or outdoors? This is one of the questions we are going to explore today.

We will look at the reasons why you need to have an EDC knife with you, and at the same time, we will look at the types of folding knives that qualify to be everyday carry knives. So, if you have been planning to get yourself a knife but didn’t know where to begin, then stick with me to the end of this to learn about what you can do with an EDC knife that fits your needs.

The Importance of Having an EDC Knife

EDC stands for Every Day Carry, and it refers to a pocket knife that is designed for a number of purposes that you can conceal on your person when going out or when you are planning to go camping or hunting. Despite their diminutive sizes, these knives are very capable of just about anything you can think of, from being used indoors for simple tasks like cutting up fruit to harder jobs like setting up things for tenting when out in the wild. To give you a better picture of what they are capable of, the following are reasons why you need to have an EDC knife in your arsenal.

  • Self Defence: When it comes to self-defense, being able to react quickly to an ambush is the difference between getting hurt and standing your ground. When you consider all the other knife types, an EDC is the best option to have as they are small, they can be canceled, and all you need to flick the blade out is to press a simple button. This will catch the attacker unawares, giving you the upper hand.
  • First Aid: One of the drawbacks of loving adventure is the injuries that come with being daring. When out in the wild hunting and camping, things can go wrong very quickly, and considering the fact you may be too far from a hospital, having a good EDC knife could help you for some quick first aid before things get worse. This could include cutting a cloth to fashion out a bandage or dislodging a splinter from your body.
  • Skinning an Animal: If you are an adventurer that loves hunting, you will need a good knife to help you cut up the animal you kill for food. Since mobility is the most important thing, having an EDC knife fits very well with your needs as it is lightweight; moving around will be easier. Besides, EDC knives have some of the sharpest and most reliable blades you will ever come across, and they get the job done pretty fast.
  • Digging: This is another handy thing that an EDC knife can come through for pretty well. They have a pretty solid locking mechanism that ensures the blade remains open even when you are digging into hard ground. If you ever find yourself stranded out camping without proper digging tools, that EDC knife you have on you can help you sort that out within minutes.
  • Opening Packages: Some packages can be very hard to open through normal means, and if you use the wrong tools, you may end up spoiling things badly. An EDC knife, on the other hand, is very sharp, has a short blade, and you have the freedom to control how deep it goes in. This can really be useful when dealing with frozen foods.
  • Utility Tool: It is impossible to list down all the things you can do with an EDC knife. They are the proper personification of utility tools as they are strong and just about versatile enough for any kind of quick task. You could use it in the kitchen, in a fight, in the wild hunting, or camping. It is hard to come across a tool that can be used in this manner.
  • Easy to Maintenance: Unlike fixed blade knives, taking care of an EDC knife doesn’t take much. First, they are small, and that means they don’t accumulate too much dirt. All you need to do after every use is to wipe them clean and maybe use a little blade oil to ensure that no rust affects the metallic parts.
  • Durable: Some of the most resilient knives in the market are EDCs, and the reason behind it is very simple. They are manufactured using only the best raw materials. Another aspect that makes them very ideal is that the engineering that goes into their making and the forging process are things that have been researched well to ensure that the final product is in tiptop condition. You could go years without dealing with any repairs.
  • Convenience: EDC knives like multi-tools are a jack-of-all-trade. They come with blades, bottle openers, files, screwdrivers, among many other things. A single EDC multi-tool in your pocket is akin to having a toolbox that you can turn to for a myriad of functions. This high level of convenience cannot be achieved with other types of knives, and this is why you should consider getting an EDC for yourself.
  • Carving: if you are a wood carver, there are not many tools at your disposal that are as good as folding knives. Not only are the blades short enough for better control, but they are extremely sharp and take time to dull. With the right knife in your hand, you can carve out very beautiful art pieces without needing any other tool. You will not even need to sharpen it every time you start new work.

Examples of Knives Suitable for Use as EDC Knives

Not all pocket knives can be considered EDC knives. There are certain traits that a folding knife has to possess for it to be considered an everyday carry. They are characteristically lightweight, have compact bodies, are durable, and are highly multi-functional. In short, they are tools that you can conceal on your person without being detected and can handle just about anything.

Of the many knife brands that exist, the following are some of the best

Shieldon EDC Knives

Shieldon knives are unique in both design and functionality. The company behind the brand has been operational for over 23 years and has a production capacity of over 120,000 pieces of knives, with a majority of them being EDC knives.

A stand-out feature of Shieldon’s products is their great design that is handled by some of the best concept artists around. They are also made using high grade raw materials that ensure these knives last for long and are able to compete against other top-rated brands in the world.

Some of the top EDC knives in their catalog that you should check out include the Shieldon Relicanth EDC knife, the Shieldon Carbon Fiber Compact EDC knife, the Shieldon Dinoclier Empoleon Folding knife, among others, just to mention a few of them.


Spyderco is a well known name in knife circles, and they make military grade pocket knives that are in high demand all over the world. They have very stylish designs that can be used for any kind of world, with a huge focus on self defense and tactical knives. Their knives are very long lasting, and this is down to the use of high grade raw materials like carbon fiber, top-grade steel, and even titanium for some of their high-end products.

Notable EDC products that you should keep an eye out for the Spyderco include the breathtaking Assist Salt with its yellow handle; there’s also the Astute that is one of the best defensive knives around. You can also check out the Bradley Bowie that even comes with a sheath.


Benchmade is another great brand that has been active for over 30 years. A brainchild of the Asis family, the brand has been making all kinds of EDC knives for years and ranks highly among the very best in the world of knives.

The knives feature amazing designs, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. For those that may want to have a custom-made EDC knife, then Benchmade has the resources to get that done to perfection. The company co tutee to improve as the years go by and one reason why it has been able to remain at the top of the game is their use of the latest knife forging technologies combined with using qualified experts.

Some notable EDC knives made by Benchmade include the Crooked River EDC that has a very stylish wooden handle, there’s the Mini Presidio II that has a carbon fiber handle that gives it a rugged look. You can check out their website for more products before making the final decision.


Columbia River Knife & Tool was formed in 1994 and has been one of the best makers of all kinds of knives, with EDC folding knives ranking highly in their best seller lists. At the core of the company are integrity and innovation, with the integration of technology all through their forging process. This has continued a great deal in the making their knives uniform in terms of quality and resilience. If you walk into any knife shop, you are bound to run into a CRKT knife, and that’s how popular they are around the world.

Some notable EDC knives from CRKT that you can check out from their online shop include the Scribe Blackout, a very rugged and small EDC that you can hide anywhere, and none will be any wiser. You can also try out the colorful Fawkes that come with D3 blade steel, among other offerings.


Kershaw is another reliable brand that makes everyday carry knives for people who love being outdoors and need a tool they can turn to for anything. The American brand has been active for 40 years and still going strong, with innovation and technology at the center of their continued resilience. Started by Pete Kershaw, the company has been making all kinds of knives, both fixed and folding knives, for a diverse target audience. It has partnered with other companies over the years to push the quality of EDC knives to the top, and that, so far, has been a successful endeavor.

Some notable EDC knives in their catalog that are worth checking out include the famous Kapsule that is so tiny you’d be forgiven to think it was a fancy case for a flash disk. There’s also the intimidation Lightyear that is shaped like a proper tactical weapon. Check their website for more knives that may be of interest to you.


EDC knives are very handy, lightweight, with an amazing design that is tailor made for the needs of every single person that uses them. There are countless brands out there that are equally as good at making them as the ones we have briefly mentioned in this list. Take Your time when conducting your search to find the ones that fit your needs. If you still need more information before making that final decision, then feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to handle any questions that you may have.

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